Through Celiac10TM, we provide a solution for Celiac Disease detection and treatment that is not only personalized, precise and objective, but also easier, less intrusive and more economic than ever.

Current Celiac diagnostic methods require consuming gluten over the course of years or even decades before the disease manifests. On average, it takes around 15 years before a definitive diagnosis is reached. With the first application of our platform, Celiac10TM, we can identify Celiac Disease in babies as young as 6 months old before they consume even the first grain of wheat. 

Roughly 80% of people with Celiac Disease are asymptomatic and therefore undiagnosed, putting them at a greater risk of developing associated complications, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, infertility or cancer. 

With Celiac10TM we can anticipate disease before symptoms appear, avoiding the development of comorbid conditions that last over a lifetime. How? By identifying Celiac Disease with a specificity and sensitivity of over 90% and by determining the effect that gluten will have on the body throughout one´s entire life. Together, this information allows pediatricians and parents to make objective and personalized decisions about the prevention and treatment of Celiac Disease roughly a decade ahead of what current methods can provide.