Necenti Laboratories demonstrates the effectiveness of their anti-COVID19 technology with an efficiency of over 96% in a recent study

Thanks to its NECENTI – COV19™ technology, Necenti Laboratories is able to determine the individual risk of each person against COVID19 before the infection occurs, indicating whether said individual will be asymptomatic or, on the contrary, show high risk of requiring immediate hospitalization and intensive care in case of contagion. This capability has been made evident in the results of a study carried out by the company together with various university and scientific institutions, in which the technology has shown sensitivities close to 97%.

This study, has been carried out over the course of the last 7 months, has included research collaborations with doctors Eduardo Arranz, David Bernardo and José Antonio Garrote, from the University of Valladolid and the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (IBGM) of the University of Valladolid – CSIC. In addition, Necenti has collaborated with the Valencia Science Park, where its research is based out of, and the Murcian Institute of Biomedical Research, as well as other public research institutions both in Spain and abroad.

Sergio Caja, the director of the company who holds double doctorate degrees in Molecular Biology and in Health Sciences, is more than satisfied with the results of this study and trusts that this technology will be particularly useful in the face of potential new waves of COVID19. “Through our technology, accurate and objective information is available as to the risk of each individual to contract the disease, which can help improve both individual and collective prevention protocols,” says Dr. Caja. “Citizens will be able to make informed decisions that may be related, for example, to their leisure time, their family life or their work activity, thus being able to decide whether it is safe to return to their job in person, or to work from home, both for his own good as well as that of his relatives”.

Accurate and objective information as to the risk of each individual to contract the disease can help improve both individual and collective prevention protocols

To deliver these results, NECENTI – COV19™ only needs one drop of an individual’s blood. Necenti Laboratories´ biochemical algorithm, developed after 10 years of research, measures the epigenetic fingerprint at the molecular level, and offers personalized results. “For a disease to develop, the interaction of genetics and epigenetics is necessary. Genetics are inherited, and only influence, on average, 20% of the development of a disease. The other 80% of this influence is caused by epigenetics, which determines which genes are activated and which are not”, explains Dr. Caja. “Epigenetics depends exclusively on how all external factors influence our body. For example, we may have a genetic predisposition for certain types of cancer, but if we do not perform certain activities or behaviours, we won´t develop them. In the case of COVID19, as of today we know that it is a disease that is almost 100% dependent on epigenetics. This means that, by controlling a series of external factors through new activities that impact other factors at the molecular level, we can control the effects of the disease on us”.

NECENTI – COV19™ is a specific application of the Necenti100™ biomarker technology platform, which is capable of being up to 10 years ahead of the onset of a disease, and which has other applications in addition to that related to COVID19. In fact, at the beginning of 2020, the company was about to launch its first product, Celiac10 ™, focused on the early detection of celiac disease. But the emergence of COVID19 changed the direction of the company. “By studying the scientific information that was being published on SARS-CoV-2, we realized the ability of our technology to do its part to alleviate the worst effects of this global crisis,” says Dr. Caja.

Necenti is part of a new healthcare paradigm, focused on prevention and the customization of specific measures for each individual

Necenti Laboratories is part of the new field of personalized, preventive and molecular medicine. “It is a new technological paradigm in the field of health,” explains Sofía Calvo, expert in neuromechanics and director of the Future Living division of Kiatt, a British company specialized in building scientific spin-offs for large companies from scratch. “This paradigm focuses on prevention, not on reaction, and on the customization of specific measures for each individual, instead of the prescription of generic solutions. We must stop understanding disease as an inevitability that comes with age, especially considering that the average lifespan continues to increase every year. We are focused on the global trend referred to as ‘healthy aging’, which aims for an integrated approach to quality of life throughout the one´s entire existence and means beginning at one´s birth instead of with the appearance of disease. In this way, many diseases can be effectively prevented through measurement, prevention and personalized treatment technologies”.